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Huge Strummol8 Restock! Love, STB 2.5, & Giulia!

YoYoExpert June 13, 2017 0

STB 2.5:

strummol8 stb 2.5

The STB 2.5 is a great looking and great playing spin top! Thanks to the hybrid design, half aluminum and half delrin, it has a weight distribution that is as close to perfection as you can ask for!

strummol8 stb 2.5 strummol8 stb 2.5 strummol8 stb 2.5

The hybrid design distributes the weight exactly where it’s needed, to the outermost part of the spin top, which provides an extra long spin and incredible balance. This bearing tip spin top is perfect for any top thrower, and with the Strummol8 replacement tips you can switch it up from bearing to fixed or the one-way bearing tip.

strummol8 stb 2.5



strummol8 love

Ever since Maurizio’s first spin top a lot of people asked him to make something tiny, something pocket sized and easy to carry around. When he sat down to sketch this new undersized design, the very first drawing caught his eye. It was in the shape of a stylized heart and right then he knew it – The LOVE was born!

strummol8 love strummol8 love strummol8 love strummol8 love

The LOVE is a beautiful pocket sized Delrin Spin Top. This unique and incredibly slick plastic is very durable and is machined, not molded, for a great feel. They carefully cut each LOVE in one fluent pass on the lathe to ensure the absolute highest precision cut and finish.

strummol8 love

It can be harder to learn on a smaller spin top, but the weight and shape of the Love make is a real pleasure to throw. It has a great feel for a smaller design and the custom stainless steel tip grips the string perfectly. The Love easily fits in your pocket, clips to your keychain, or hides away in your bag. The perfect spin top to take with you on any adventure!



strummol8 giulia

The Giulia (pronounced Julia) is a beautiful Spin Top machined in Italy from durable Delrin plastic. They carefully cut each Giulia in one fluent pass on the lathe to ensure the absolute highest precision cut and spin quality. From your first throw the Giulia gives some of the best spin time and overall control while on your hand or on the string.

strummol8 giulia strummol8 giulia strummol8 giulia

The tips on these tops are carefully crafted from stainless steel for durability and performance. They are specially designed to grip the string to give you the most control through more difficult tricks. The Giulia is available in some beautiful colors and comes with a cool poker chip spin top button and string along with minimal instruction.

strummol8 giulia

Strummol8 has created some of the finest quality tops available and we highly recommend them for serious spin top players!


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