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HSpin BEYSICK – YoYoSkills Review

YoYoExpert April 13, 2010 Comments Off on HSpin BEYSICK – YoYoSkills Review

Everyone’s favorite yo-yo reviewer and blogger Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen recently posted a great review of the Beysick by HSpin.

You can read his full review here!

It is absurd that this yo-yo is only $60. The BeySick can hold its own in a market full of premium metals. The price is not what sets the BeySick apart, it is the performance. This yo-yo could easily retail in the $90 price range, and no one would blink.

H-Spin knocked this out of the park. Superb performance on a budget price. If you want a medium sized throw with fantastic playability, the BeySick is a great choice.

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