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Flytraps 2 by Zammy – New Video!

YoYoExpert May 10, 2012 0

New 1A video from Zammy of Team OneDrop!

Used the One Drop Code 2!

Message from Zammy:

Back in 2009 I tried to spread the art of this unusual tricks tyle known as “Flytraps”. If you do not know what a flytrap is, its the combination of two substyles known as “Moebius” and “Slippery Eel”. Think of it as if 1a and 5a both had a baby and this is the final outcome.

Well, I’m back once again and made a sequel to that very video. Its been near over two years since the first one and I have been meaning to do another one to document the past material that I have done. There is a lot more “No handed traps” in this as well.


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