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Double Release! The Turning Point Anubis & Turning Point 2!

YoYoExpert March 3, 2016 0


turning point anubis

Whenever Turning Point comes out with a new yo-yo we get excited, and whenever they come out with a new bi-metal yo-yo, that’s when you need to get excited too! This is the new bi-metal ANUBIS!

turning point anubis turning point anubis

turning point anubis turning point anubis turning point anubis

Modeled after the Basilisk, the Anubis has a super comfortable feel in the hand and a smooth feel on the string. It is a full sized yo-yo that may even be considered on the verge of oversized, but it plays as nimble and maneuverable as your favorite pocket yo-yo. The large steel rings give the Anubis all the stability and spin time you expect in a high end bi-metal design and the unique Turning Point weight distribution maintains a fast and light feeling on the string. This yo-yo really takes advantage of the bi-metal construction to optimize performance!

turning point anubis

This is one to look out for on the contest scene. Quickly becoming a favorite among the players on the Turning Point team, the Anubis is sure to be a crowd favorite!



turning point 2

Over the years World Champion Kentaro Kimura and his company Turning Point have transformed from a small custom yo-yo company into a high end brand known throughout the yo-yo community, and with their latest model Turning Point is paying homage to their roots. This is the reimagining of the original Turning Point yo-yo – The Turning Point 2!

turning point 2 turning point 2

The Turning Point 2 is modeled after the original yo-yo released in 2008 (before Turning Point was even an established company) and refined to meet the level of play expected by the modern players today.

turning point 2 turning point 2 turning point 2

The undersized diameter and an extra wide width of the new Turning Point 2 are matched with the proven Turning Point style and performance. This unique combination, along with a nice rim weighted weight distribution, provides the Turning Point 2 with a really fast, maneuverable feel that doesn’t lose one bit of that stable and long spinning Turning Point performance you’re looking for.

turning point 2

Compact yet powerful, the Turning Point 2 is a really impressive yo-yo. And at this price it’s hard to pass up!


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