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DNA – Information Surfaces

YoYoExpert March 7, 2009 Comments Off on DNA – Information Surfaces

New information surfaces on the DNA by YoYoFactory – a larger version of the ever popular 888 yo-yo.

DNA by YoYoFactory

DNA by YoYoFactory


YoYoFactory® has risen to prominence as a brand capable of supplying amazing product to discerning enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for it proven pedigree.

When the eight8eight™launched just under two years ago it was a revelation. A reliable yoyo, seldom out of stock, and regarded by many as one of the best performing yoyos ever. But YoYoFactory didn’t stop there; after all, products are a journey not a destination.

The DNA™ is a full-sized eight8eight, styled on the original concept drawing from 2007. The smooth lines and comfortable feel are there as well as the trademark step of the 888. Finished in a soft blasted surface and a rich annodize the DNA is a sensory treat. Bold colors showcase in the high shine of the face and inner gap. A soft luxurious feel on the precision blasted grinding surface is a treat. Precision masking on each half prior to blasting ensures extremely low string wear, striking shine and the right friction exactly where it is needed.

Despite being the widest YoYoFactory yo-yo in production (43mm) and ‘full’ sized (55mm), it isn’t bloated. The weight (66gm strung) floats on the string. A word of warning, don’t underestimate the power of the DNA. Spinning at the end of the string, it spins hard and fast. The DNA is no slug through the air, moving at a deliberate pace. Certainly not as agile as say the skyline or even the original eight8eight. It rewards a more deliberate player who appreciates the time the yoyo is moving to the string as much as the time it is on them. What is your style?

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