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CLYW Restock! Kodiak & Gorge in new colors!

YoYoExpert January 11, 2017 0


clyw kodiak

CLYW team member Tessa Piccillo is one of the most talented players in the scene, and we’re thrilled to announce the release of her first signature model with CLYW – The Kodiak!

clyw kodiak clyw kodiak

The Kodiak was created to Tessa’s specifications. She gave her input on the design every step of the way until it was exactly what she wanted.

They knew right from the start they wanted to create powerful bi-metal for Tessa’s signature model. The shape was inspired by some of her CLYW favorites, the Arctic Circle series and the Manatee, then re-shaped to meet her needs as a top-notch player.

clyw kodiak

The end result is an incredibly fast and stable return top that has an amazing feel in the hand and on the string!



clyw the gorge

Who wants to kick it old school?

clyw the gorge clyw the gorge

The Gorge is a powerful, long-spinning throwback to the days of return top design when walls were high, profiles were round, and bi-metal designs were scarce. This is exactly the sort of return top that CLYW owner Chris Mikulin absolutely loved when he was first starting out, and now he’s created one with his own style and design sensibilities!

clyw the gorge

The Gorge is an oversized return top with a round, narrow profile. It feels amazing in your hand, spins longer than you’ll ever need, and will quickly become your new go-to throw!


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