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3 new TopYo Releases! Photon, Colossus 4, & Neptune TiSS!

YoYoExpert March 23, 2018 0


topyo photon

The new Top Yo PHOTON was designed to pay homage to the classic undersized throws of the past while meeting today’s high performance standards. It may be small, but it packs some serious power!

topyo photon topyo photon

This bi-metal yo-yo has a 7003 Aluminum body with some really fat 7075 Aluminum rings. The denser 7075 Aluminum gives the Photon a great weight distribution and some extra durability for those inevitable drops and dings. It plays stable, has excellent spin time, and the small diameter gives it a really fast maneuverable feel in play that is just a joy to throw.

topyo photon

Whether you like smaller yo-yos or just want to try something new, the Photon is an excellent choice at an unbeatable price!



topyo colossus 4

The new generation of TopYo Colossus is here with the new and improved Colossus IV!

topyo colossus 4

The classic shape of the old Colossus was used as a base for this new design with some aspects added from the popular Silenus to create the perfect profile. It feels great in the hand with a smooth blast finish and a pleasant weight.

topyo colossus 4

The new shape with the classic weight distribution brings a new play style to this Colossus. It has a powerful spin with excellent stability even at low spin speeds. TopYo even remodeled the cup with a nice fingerspin area to give the latest Colossus an added style of play!



topyo neptune tiss

The original Neptune was one of the first TopYo models we carried and now they’ve taken it to the next level with a Titanium/Steel bi-metal version! The Neptune TiSS!

topyo neptune tiss topyo neptune tiss

Titanium/Steel bi-metals are already pretty special, but TopYo decided to change up their machining process to give the Neptune TiSS that little something extra! Instead of machining the body of the yo-yo and the weight ring separately, TopYo put the steel rim on the yo-yo body first and then CNC machined the profile shape. This gives the Neptune TiSS a completely seamless transition between the body and ring for an ultra premium final product!

topyo neptune tiss

The Neptune TiSS has a powerful feel in play with a lighter presence on the string than you would expect from the weight. It moves fast, maneuvers with ease, and has enough spin time to push through any combo. Only 20 pieces produced!


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