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2sickyoyos presents the OLYMPIAD!

YoYoExpert June 8, 2018 0

2sickyoyos olympiad

In the Chess world the Olympiad is the big show. It’s a biennial chess tournament in which teams from all over the world compete for the top spot. 2SickYoYos designed their latest yo-yo for pure performance, to compete at the highest level, so the name Olympiad is only fitting.

2sickyoyos olympiad 2sickyoyos olympiad

The Olympiad is an all around standout performer. No matter what you throw at it, it just seems to respond perfectly. It has a competition geared profile and weight distribution with just enough soft edges to provide a comfortable feel in the hand. It has a powerful spin, serious stability, and moves fast enough to keep up with the speediest of speed combos!

2sickyoyos olympiad

Sleek curves, a fingerspin ready cup, and simple clean engravings really make this yo-yo pop. And with an affordable price tag the Olympiad is the perfect addition to any throwers arsenal!


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