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2018 Toys for Tots Holiday Drive Update!

YoYoExpert January 14, 2019 Comments Off on 2018 Toys for Tots Holiday Drive Update!

2018 Toys for Tots Holiday Drive Update!

Wanted to make sure I got back around to do the big update here! I cannot begin to tell everyone how amazing it felt to be able to drop off these yo-yos off for donation. The yo-yo community came in on our Toys for Tots drive in a BIG way! In total we had 96 donations to the toys for tots drive!

Meaning in total we donated an astounding 384 yo-yos!!!

We split the donation between ourselves in Massachusetts (we dropped off at two different locations hoping to spread the love a bit), and then YoYoFactory donated their half at a local drop site in Arizona! And we also sent a contingent out to New York State where someone local there made a big Toys for Tots Drive.

We are thinking for next year it might be fun to organize a little more in advance and have some different people offer different locations. We will see!

Public Donations were made by the following awesome individuals:

  • Leslie Hurley
  • Brian Kearley
  • Zac Carlin
  • Jeff Atwood
  • Daniel Lohin
  • Raymond Reese
  • Bryan Fiege
  • John Cooper
  • Andrew Rae-Bayer
  • Michael Cady
  • Preston Werner
  • James Honaker
  • Jon Timmer

Thank you again for everyone who donated (both publicly and privately). I hope we showed a few kids the joy of what you can do with a modern yo-yo. You never know when you might just have created that future world champion!

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