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2016 EH presented by Ed Haponik, TMBR, & YoYoExpert!

YoYoExpert December 18, 2016 0

2016 Ed Haponik EH

If you haven’t heard of the EH before, let us explain – It’s a bit of a legend!

In 2012, SPYY team member Ed Haponik took a one year oath to throw only a single fixed-axle wooden yo-yo. It was a custom design from SPYY who sponsored him at the time. He completed this goal on 12/31/12 and documented his efforts on and in several of his clip videos. Ever since Ed has truly helped to inspire a resurgence in fixed axle play!

Fast forward to 2016 and Ed is no longer sponsored by SPYY, but he’s still throwing down some of the best fixed axle tricks around via his Instagram page!

Ed-Haponik EH 2016

In hopes of continuing this amazing story we joined forces with Ed, SPYY, & TMBR. And again this year, all agreed the story and message behind this great yo-yo needs to live on. The legendary yo-yo he used, The EH, is now re-envisioned once again and available in a limited run!

This year, the limited EH is crafted from a variety of exotic woods that are absolutely stunning! The different woods offer a variety of grain, color, and weight options to choose from. This newest version also features one of the coolest axle systems out there – The TMBR Wood Thread Axle! Hand carved by Colin Leland, you will not find anything else like these on the market! After spending some time with the new 2016 EH, Ed thinks it’s the perfect fixed axle yo-yo for tricks like stalls, kickflips, varials, and lunar landings!

The 2016 EH is available in limited quantities and will not be reproduced. Each EH comes packaged with a special signed note from Ed and one side of the yo-yo features the EH logo engraved with the other left untouched to give it a simple clean look. Play Simply Our Friends!

Note: Special EBONY Edition EH!

We have a total of 2x Ebony EH yo-yos that will retail for $200 each. There were three made but Ed has one of them! In order to make this fair we are going to hold a lottery system. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Ebony EH Yo-Yos for $200 please click this link to enter.!

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