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2 New Turning Point Yo-Yos – Haast & Colony!

YoYoExpert November 29, 2016 0


turning point haast

Turning Point designed their latest model for 2016 China National Yo-Yo Champ Jason Liu Zichen! This is the Haast!

turning point haast turning point haast

If you haven’t seen Jason’s freestyle yet go take a look, actually, watch it twice! He has some of the most dynamic and impressive bangers in the game and speed combos that your eyes will have a hard time following!

turning point haast turning point haast

The Haast fits perfectly with his style. It has a wide stepped gap that provides a larger catch zone for riskier moves and a large diameter to give you throws some serious power. The weight distribution has the perfect mix of center and rim weight that gives the Haast a surprisingly fast and maneuverable feel for a larger yo-yo. Just look at those speed combos, this thing can move!

turning point haast

Designed for serious performance and available at a fantastic price, the Haast is the next big thing form Turning Point!



turning point colony

This is the newly redesigned signature model of 1A & 5A legend Takeshi Matsuura – The Colony!

turning point colony turning point colony

As Takeshi Matsuura’s style continues to evolve, so do the tools he needs to compete. The Colony is the latest model in his line of signature yo-yos and it is the best yet!

turning point colony turning point colony turning point colony

The Colony is very similar to his previous signature yo-yo, the Palpitation, in size shape and weight, but it has a very different feel in play. The Colony has a broader and heavier steel ring placed on the outer rim which gives it a completely different weight distribution than the Palpitation. It has a more powerful spin and a greater stability in play with improved horizontal performance!

turning point colony

Used by Takeshi in the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest, the Colony has world class performance and is the perfect choice for 1A or 5A play!


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