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Tony Hawk YoYoFactory Tour

The 2012 YoYoFactory Election is Upon Us:
This Tuesday (November 6th) the USA federal election happens and to commemorate this we teamed up with YoYoFactory to have our own election with Supernova going up against Genesis for the title of #1!

How It Works:
Starting Tuesday morning when polls open in the USA we will open the poll for voting here on YoYoExpert. One vote per person! You pick - Genesis OR SuperNova.

What Happens:
When voting closes in the USA Tuesday night so does the election here. Votes will be counted and the winning yo-yo announced. This yo-yo will go on to be available here at YoYoExpert for an exclusive discount of 25% off for seven days!!!

Polls open Tuesday so get started ASAP - pick your winner and let everyone know on the forums and Facebook who you think should win - SuperNova or Genesis!!!

Voting Begins
Tuesday November 6th - 6:00 AM EST

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