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New Yo-Yo || The LESULA is RELEASED || @MonkeyFingerYO

YoYoExpert March 5, 2013 2

MonkeyFinger Lesula

Our Canadian friends at MonkeyfingeR Design have released the Lesula!

Terrific anodizing, packaging, and a few very different design!

Find it here:


  • Hi,
    i would love to buy a lesula, but i never buy splash.

    Will they soon have other colors, like simple acid wash, or single color ?

  • YoYoExpert

    MonkeyFinger hasn’t announced an actual restock date for this model. We are waiting for word from them on when it will be available – hopefully in the near future but we can’t really say for sure yet. From what we understand they have another model in the works first! - A Division of Ultimate Vision LLC. All Rights Reserved
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